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The Laboratório de Biologia da Conservação de Mamíferos Aquáticos (LABCMA) was established in February 2011 in the Instituto Oceanográfico from the Universidade de São Paulo (IOUSP), placed in the main campus at Cidade Universitária, São Paulo, Brazil. The LABCMA was established to conduct scientific research involving aquatic mammals in order to protect species and their ecosystems, as well as to conduct educational programs including courses and lectures on aquatic mammals.

In the first five years of age, the LABCMA aims to invest on scientific research and education in the state of São Paulo (ca. 600km), southeastern Brazil. Research efforts are focused on dead individuals found along the coastline or coming from monitored gillnet fleet when incidental captures are reported. Natural history studies are conducted with the collected marine mammals. Besides, research onboard had been conducted in estuarine and in coastal waters, aiming to map the occurrence and movements of cetaceans. Preliminary studies on bioacoustics started in 2013 and the aim is to keep working with this important tool for the next decades.

This website page was built to share information on research and education efforts conducted by LABCMA, as well as to share photographs, published manuscripts and news to all visitors. Welcome! We wish you all a great journey!